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If you have difficulties with the Portuguese language, o curso Flávia Rita will help you. See some Portuguese tips and enroll in the course.

Knowing how to apply the correct rules of Portuguese is a knowledge that, unfortunately, not everyone can. And therefore, studying and understanding the correct norms of the Portuguese language puts you in front. Be it in a competition test, job interview, writing texts in selection processes. And even in job promotion at the company you already work for. So Flávia Rita can help you understand and master this language.
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Which form is correct: under or under? If you are in doubt we will help you
Keep following this article and discover the difference between these two terms.
Under or under?
Both below and below are correct forms of writing! However, they have different meanings and meanings.
Let’s understand a little better about how to use it in the right way, according to the educated standard of the Portuguese language.
The term below, written all together, is classified as a place adverb. Thus, it should be used to refer to someone or something who is in an inferior or vertically inferior position in the physical sense of the word.
Such as under the table; under the chair; under the couch; etc.
The term, written separately, can be used when the word “down” is classified as an adjective or when there is a relationship with its antonym, “up”.
Such as low level or bottom up.

Studying with the melhor professor de português is a breeze, right?

Now you understand the difference between the words below and below? We hope that with our tips you have better understood the content and have been able to do the exercises we propose.

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